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Growing Together Winter 2021

Free Resources Provided to Family Businesses During COVID-19 Pandemic

Stella Premo, Executive Director at FBC

The Capital Region Family Business Center (FBC) mission is to help family businesses in the Greater Sacramento Region grow and prosper. And, even in 2020, that hasn’t changed. Although the way FBC provides resources for its members has changed, the fundamental mission has remained true and even deepened during one of the most challenging times for family businesses in recent years. For the last 12 years, FBC has provided networking, programming, and information to family businesses highlighting leadership, technical expertise, legal perspective, gifting wealth transfer, and next-generation succession planning.

Stella Premo, Executive Director at FBC, shares, “FBC is successful and beneficial to our members because we bring people from different industries and backgrounds into the same room or virtual room, and they come to the realization that, ‘they are not the only ones dealing with business/family problems, thoughts, or concerns.’ Family businesses all struggle with similar issues when navigating changes and transitions for their organizations.”

FBC offers these main programs for its members:

  • Affinity Groups
    • President, Founders + CEOs
    • Next Generation
  • Technical Programming
    • Legal issues, estate planning, transfer of wealth all led by member technical advisors
  • Family Business Forums and Tours
    • ½ day forums including panel discussions, round table conversations, and breakout sessions
    • Family Business Tours
  • Flagship Program
    • 2-Day Generations Conference

Although many of these programs are currently not meeting in person due to the COVID-19 pandemic, FBC has shifted its programming to provide real-time resources related to PPP, COVID-19 protocols, and other topics that family businesses needed and still need as we continue to navigate the challenges of 2020 in the New Year. “Our secret sauce at FBC has always been to be a convener, bringing people together. Once you take away the one thing that we do exceptionally well, we had to dig deep and find new ways to bring value to our members in a safe format. We worked exceptionally hard to shift our goals for this year and provide the best real-time information and resources to our members to help them navigate the changing environment,” shared Stella. “We have worked really hard to ensure that our resources related to COVID-19 are free and open to the public to do what we can to help our family businesses.”

In the past few months, they have continued producing educational content and have started to integrate fun networking events like a Family Dinner Night with Mikuni where Taro led a Sushiology class and have more fun virtual events planned in 2021. To learn more about FBC and access resources, please visit their website at For membership questions, please contact Stella Premo directly at

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