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Serving California growers with uncompromised quality and personal attention to their profitability.

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Creating value for the customers we serve.

Our business has grown to be one of the largest independent marketers of agricultural products in California. We are committed to remaining one of the best through constant re-investment in our facilities, employees, technology and infrastructure. While never wavering on our promise to deliver an exceptional customer experience.


We go wherever you grow.

There is nothing quite like California agriculture. With so much diversity, growers require a partner who understands what it takes to succeed in such a complex and rapidly-changing industry. For over 60 years, the people at Grow West® have been dedicated to being the local experts in California. Today, we do it from 18 retail, farm supply and wholesale manufacturing locations near you.

Growing Together Winter 2021

This fall one of our own, Johnny Council, was recognized by the Agricultural Retailer Association (ARA) for his outstanding career in the ag retailer industry.
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Your Local Experts

Here at Grow West, we understand that California agriculture is complex. Being your local agronomic experts, we value growing together and offer insights and information to help you succeed. Stay up to date on the latest Grow West content through our feature articles and quarterly newsletter, Growing Together.


Strategic relationships that build grower profitability.

The combined resources of our company rival any supplier, anywhere. But we’re an even stronger organization when we work together with partners who share a common goal – to ensure grower success and grower profitability. We’ve identified, secured and created strategic joint ventures and supplier partnerships to better serve our customers.


Our culture is our core.

We have always sought out hiring best-in-class employees, and providing the business tools of education, training, and on-the-job experience for personal development and growth, to better serve our customer base. This translates to a ground up culture, highly reactive to market and customer changes and needs. All while maintaining our local presence, challenging the norms and driving innovation.

About Us

Grow West® represents the very best of agriculture.

Inside Grow West you’ll find a genuine desire to help our customers succeed and the aspiration to improve and serve our community.

We released our spring edition of our quarterly newsletter, Growing Together® today! Check it out on the news page of our website. Link in bio!!

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Throughout all our locations, we reuse, restore and repurpose old equipment. In this picture our Trucking Division is doing just that! 

Photo taken by employee, Joe Carrasco

Cover crops are both beneficial and beautiful! They play an important role in soil health for this prune orchard. 

Photo taken by employee, Matt Lagorio

What a view! We hope everyone has a wonderful Friday!

Photo take by employee, Jessica Forster
Aqua ammonia or urea? We’ve conducted various trials over the past few years to compare the performance of aqua ammonia and urea in rice production. Contact your PCA to learn more about these trial results and to discuss your fertilizer options.
Our quarterly newsletter, Growing Together®, is going to be hitting emails in two weeks. Don’t want to miss out? Sign up to receive it directly to your inbox at the link in our bio!
Rapid leaf expansion in tree nuts is an essential time period that will influence harvest at the end of the season. During this period, the tree is focused on creating energy through chlorophyll production which is greatly influenced by the number and size of leaves in the canopy. Talk with your PCA about management strategies that support season-long tree and nut health.

Photo taken by employee, Catherine Kett.
This week we would like to feature Grow West employee Trevor Shuss. 

Trevor is the Warehouse Manager at Ukiah Retail. His day to day consists of ordering and inventory management of fertilizer, chemicals, seed, and helping out the front desk. 

Trevor shared the most rewarding part of his position is receiving positive feedback. The feedback from a satisfied customer and coworker is what makes him love his job. He shared that his time at Grow West has allowed him to gain better computer skills and personal growth from handling various situations. 

Grow West is grateful for employees like Trevor, who continue to contribute to our success daily. Thank you, Trevor, for all you do!
For each of us, agriculture means something different. For some of us, we are in the field day in and out working the soil and growing food for our country. For others, we support the industry indirectly through transportation, finance, marketing and so many more. But for all of us, agriculture is the heart of America. Today, and every day, we are proud to work in agriculture. #nationalagday
Spring is a time for new beginnings. A new planting. A new start. In agriculture specifically, it is a time for sowing new seeds and tending to new growth in our fields, orchards, and vineyards. On this first day of spring, let us celebrate new beginnings and the hope for a plentiful harvest!
This week we would like to feature Grow West employee Lindee Jones. 

Lindee grew up heavily involved in 4-H and FFA with both her parents and her grandfather teaching agriculture education to students. When attending Shasta college, she realized her passion for agriculture went beyond just her days involved in these organizations and was something she wanted to pursue as a career. While finishing her degree in Crop Science at Chico State, Lindee interned with Grow West. Upon graduation, she accepted a full-time position as a PCA. She primarily works with wine grapes, but also serves growers who have peaches and walnuts. Lindee shared that the most rewarding part about her position is working with growers. “Their success is my success.” In her time with the company, she claims that Grow West has given her the support and tools to set her up for success. 

Grow West is grateful for employees like Lindee, that continue to contribute to the company’s success daily. Thank you, Lindee, for all you do!
When it comes to fertilizer application, weed control, and disease prevention, you want a partner who has the capability and capacity to get you the resource and information you want, when you need it. At Grow West, our team of experienced, rice-specific PCAs are here to help you maximize your economic yield.

Photo taken by employee, Josh Dodd 

This week we would like to feature Grow West employee Steve Imbach. 

Steve has held many different positions within the company from field checks, to trucking, banking and office support. Currently, Steve is the office manager at the Dixon location where his responsibilities include forecasting pesticides, pricing, dispatching, monthly invoicing, and payroll. He shared the most rewarding part is “knowing I have had different experiences in ag business that allow me to help Grow West continually become better. Grow West has also given me the confidence to grow as an individual, allowing me to excel in the day to day and become a better person.” 

Grow West is grateful for employees like Steve, that continue to contribute to the company’s success daily. Thank you, Steve, for all you do!
On Employee Appreciation Day, we want to thank our team for your incredible commitment to serving our growers and communities.
We're Hiring! As our company continues to grow, we need individuals who believe in hard work and align with our company values. Our people are our company. If you resonate with who we are and want to learn more about open positions, click the link in our bio
This week we would like to feature Grow West employee Karl Yuki.

Karl’s background of growing up on a farm and around agriculture, spurred him to pursue his career in Ag Science and Management at UC Davis. Karl’s main role is food and site safety at the Walnut Grove location. He is in charge of helping growers get certified with food safety, and making sure growers comply with federal law. On the site safety side of his position, he is making sure the branch is complying with regulatory regulations and keeping fellow employees safe. Karl shared that “learning new things and keeping my mind fresh” is what is the most rewarding part of his position. The growth of his position has pushed him to have flexibility and the willingness to always try something new. 

Grow West is grateful for employees like Karl, that continue to contribute to the company’s success daily. Thank you, Karl, for all you do!
Reviewing Eutypa dieback symptoms in grapevines. Do you know how this can effect your vine growth?

Photo by employee, Bruce Gradek

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