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Serving California growers with uncompromised quality and personal attention to their profitability.

Products & Services

Creating value for the customers we serve.

Our business has grown to be one of the largest independent marketers of agricultural products in California. We are committed to remaining one of the best through constant re-investment in our facilities, employees, technology and infrastructure. While never wavering on our promise to deliver an exceptional customer experience.


We go wherever you grow.

There is nothing quite like California agriculture. With so much diversity, growers require a partner who understands what it takes to succeed in such a complex and rapidly-changing industry. For over 60 years, the people at Grow West® have been dedicated to being the local experts in California. Today, we do it from 18 retail, farm supply and wholesale manufacturing locations near you.

Building the Next Generation of PCAs

The best way to get hands-on experience, and real-world customer interaction is to be in the field. This is the mentality of the Grow West internship program. Each summer, we host 6-8 PCA student interns at a number of our branch locations across our company.
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Your Local Experts

Here at Grow West, we understand that California agriculture is complex. Being your local agronomic experts, we value growing together and offer insights and information to help you succeed. Stay up to date on the latest Grow West content through our feature articles and quarterly newsletter, Growing Together.


Strategic relationships that build grower profitability.

The combined resources of our company rival any supplier, anywhere. But we’re an even stronger organization when we work together with partners who share a common goal – to ensure grower success and grower profitability. We’ve identified, secured and created strategic joint ventures and supplier partnerships to better serve our customers.


Our culture is our core.

We have always sought out hiring best-in-class employees, and providing the business tools of education, training, and on-the-job experience for personal development and growth, to better serve our customer base. This translates to a ground up culture, highly reactive to market and customer changes and needs. All while maintaining our local presence, challenging the norms and driving innovation.

About Us

Grow West® represents the very best of agriculture.

Inside Grow West you’ll find a genuine desire to help our customers succeed and the aspiration to improve and serve our community.

We have compiled a list of the new and upcoming crop protection products this year. See full list in our newsletter. Link in bio! 

Photo taken by employee, Catherine Kett

This week we would like to feature Grow West employee Ken Bates. 

Ken started with Grow West a decade ago, as the Safety Manager. His background prior to Grow West was contracting, in both residential and commercial spaces. He now manages the safety and regulatory programs at Yuba City, Woodland, and Dixon facilities. Ken also does all the training for safety protocols and is a certified auditor for the Responsible Ag Program. Ken shared that he enjoys this part of his position as he is consistently challenging his knowledge, education and it helps keep him mentally alert. He expressed that Grow West “allows you to grow in the company, to what your abilities allow.” Ken said the most rewarding part about his job is “Helping all employees and facilities to stay safe.” 

Grow West is grateful for employees like Ken, that continue to not only contribute to the company’s success but for keeping us safe. Thank you, Ken, for all you do!
The core value of customer services made for an easy transition to welcome Hammer Transport into the Grow West family. Read the full story in our newsletter. Link in bio!

Les Lyman, Grow West Owner + Chairman, shares his reflection on 2020 and outlook for our industry in 2021. Newsletter link in bio!

We released our winter edition of our quarterly newsletter, Growing Together® today! Check it out on the news page of our website. Link in bio!!
This week we would like to feature Grow West employee Alexis Harvey. 

Alexis started with Grow West in 2012 as an intern. She then graduated from Chico State in 2014 with a degree in crop science and land resource management. She started her career with Grow West in sales, currently serves as a PCA in Solano and Yolo counties. She enjoys working day to day with her growers and establishing a relationship with them that advances their operation. She stated the most rewarding part of her position is “helping growers achieve outstanding crops year after year.” Outside of the company Alexis helps her family run a commercial beekeeping business that has grown from 50 hives to 10,000 hives. 

Grow West is grateful for employees like Alexis, that continue to contribute to the company’s success daily. Thank you, Alexis, for all you do!
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All of our old newsletters are hosted on our website under “News.”
This week we would like to feature Grow West employee Chelsea Lara. Chelsea brings a superior background in customer service to Grow West. She joined the Grow West team in March at our main office in Woodland, after spending many years at Woodland Farm Supply location. Chelsea manages accounts receivable, accounting, and accounts payable. She shared how making the switch from her old position to her current position in Woodland was a change at first as she misses the daily interaction with customers. But, through her transition, she found a love for math and accounting specifically which has inspired her to return to school this January to study accounting. Grow West is grateful for employees like Chelsea, that continue to contribute to the company’s success daily. Thank you, Chelsea, for all you do!
Happy New Year! 2020 brought us and our company a year full of challenges, but a year where we came together to support one another through a year that will be marked in history. We would like to thank our growers for their resilience and partnership in this past year and to our employees for their continued commitment to each other, our company, and our customers. We are hopeful for 2021 and we look forward to continuing to grow with you. #GrowWestUS
Every year brings our industry unique challenges and growth that we believe in the end makes us all stronger. 2020 has been a unique and challenging year to say the least! All of us at Grow West would like to thank you for your trust in our team during these challenging times. We look forward to growing together in what we all hope is a healthier and better 2021. Merry Christmas from all of us at Grow West.
As the holidays draw near, our Grow West locations are bringing the festive cheer. Another year for our company is coming to a close. We are so thankful for each and every one of our employees who make Grow West the company that it is. Cheers to you! 

Photo provided by Grow West employee Jennifer Andrade.
There is so much to be thankful for with sunsets as beautiful as these. Reflecting on this past year, we we have endured many challenges together. But, we have also created success together. And, we are proud to be your partner through it all. 

Photo was taken at Walnut Grove Retail by employee Tyson Richardson
There is nothing like a clean and organized equipment yard! Our locations strive to provide you with the equipment you need, when you need it. 

Picture taken at Grow West Yuba City Retail location by employee Rusty Lucchesi.
This past month Grow West Trucking has been busy transferring product to application rigs for pre-planting prep. 

Thank you Grow West employee John Hammer for this image.
Planting winter wheat with a custom fertilizer blend from #GrowWest
The Farm Supply in Ukiah has had a very busy season serving you. With over 6,000 products, they are here to assist you in a variety of needs.  While procedures have changed, the team is committed to providing the best products and services to you.
Happy Thanksgiving!! We are so grateful for all our wonderful employees, customers, industry partners and the communities we live and work in. We hope everyone has a wonderful day!
We salute the brave veterans today and everyday for their sacrifice to keep us the home of the free because of the brave. We thank you! 🇺🇸
With the help of  Bill Peterson from K.COE ISOM and legal advise from April Pearson, we provided insights into entity selection through the lens of liability and taxes. To read the full article, check out the link in our bio! 

#GrowWest #GrowingTogether
Investing in the future of California agriculure is a priority for Grow West. Especially when it comes to the future leaders in our industry. Our latest newsletter highlights the impacts of youth agriculture organizations on individuals in our organization today! Link in bio!

#GrowWest #GrowingTogether
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