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Growing Together Winter 2021

A Legacy to Celebrate

Daren Coppock, President and CEO of ARA with Johnny Council at Fall Award Ceremony

This fall one of our own, Johnny Council, was recognized by the Agricultural Retailer Association (ARA) for his outstanding career in the ag retailer industry. The ARA Lifetime Achievement Award, as stated on the ARA website, “was established in 2001 and renamed in 2010 to honor the late Jack Eberspacher, who served as ARA president and CEO from 2001 until he passed away in 2009, and his career-spanning achievements and contributions to the agricultural retail industry.” The award is the highest individual honor awarded to an individual for their contributions to the ag retail industry.

“I worked shoulder to shoulder with Johnny for years and it’s a loss when you look for comparative value and human leadership for this industry to find anyone that can stand up to this guy. He is a man of the highest integrity and the most grounded, dedicated, and honorable man,” shared Les Lyman at the award ceremony held for Johnny this fall. Johnny not only helped our organization through our infancy and growth stages, but he also served on the board and as the chairman on the ARA board for many years. Daren Coppock, President and CEO of ARA commented, “This is an award the association presents each year to someone who has invested an incredible career in advancing ag retail, and Johnny Council certainly belongs among the crowd that we’ve honored with this award. He has been an outstanding chairman, outstanding member, friend, somebody who is a quality person to get to know.”

Those who have personally interacted with Johnny know just how special of a businessman, mentor, and friend he really is. Jim Fargo from IAP shared, “Johnny is somebody that when I attended a meeting or an industry event if he was in attendance, I sought him out. He is someone who you can always ask for advice, and he would always share his perspective. Johnny is a visionary. He led our industry in a direction that has allowed us to be here today. He has paved the way for those coming behind him.”

To view the presentation of Johnny’s award and hear from some of his family, colleagues, and industry partners, click here. Johnny, we are all so proud to know you and work alongside you for the past 50 years. Congratulations to one of our own. Cheers to you!

Photography by Steve Beckley & Videography by Edgar Hernandez

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