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Growing Together Fall 2019

Fall 2019 Crop Overview

As most crop’s growing seasons come to the end of their growing cycle. It is important to apply fall fertilizers after taking soil samples to evaluate your soil nutrient levels and consider applying soil amendments. During the winter months, growers should focus on adjusting the soil pH. The soil preparation done at this time will help plant growth in the spring by increasing nutrient availability. It will be necessary to consider pre-emergent strip herbicide application to vine and trees.

Field Crops

Rice harvest has started throughout the valley and will continue through mid to late October.

Fruit Crops

Stone fruit harvest is winding down for the season. Pear, fig, olive, pomegranate, and grape harvest is still going on. Continue to monitor for vine mealybug on grape vines fruit and foliage. In San Joaquin Valley look for European fruit lecanium scale on leaves.

Nut Crops

Almond harvest is coming to an end for which means this is the time to start post-harvest foliar nutrient soil application. After Walnut harvest is complete, this is a good time to apply preemergence herbicides in-row before fall weeds emerge and include a post-emergence herbicide if weeds are present. Postharvest is also the time to evaluate your navel orangeworm population. After harvest, remove unharvested nuts (mummies) from trees and ground to reduce navel orangeworm wintering sites.


Vegetable Crops

Processing tomatoes grown in Colusa, Sacramento, Solano, and Yolo county are still being harvested, and some fields may not be harvested until late October. September rains delayed harvest for a couple of days.

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