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Growing Together Fall 2019

Diverse Inventory Draws Customers To Talmage Road

In 2017, Grow West extensively remodeled the retail area, office, kitchen and restrooms of its newly purchased store in Ukiah; ramped up its inventory; and began attracting new customers.

For more than 50 years, Mendocino County Farm Supply on Talmage Road in Ukiah, Calif., served its community by offering a wide variety of products for rural living. When they decided to close in late 2017, Grow West® leased the property, upgraded the store, and opened up a complete farm supply business with a broad line of inventory.

“Diversity is our strength,” said Jeff Gleaves, PCA/CCA, Location Manager of the Talmage Road Grow West Farm Supply store. “Nobody else has the mix of products that we do. Basically, we try to cater to the needs of growers in the area that we serve, which includes Mendocino, Lake, Sonoma and Napa counties. We even carry livestock feed and are the only Grow West location to do that.”

With one of the largest warehouses in Ukiah, the store, attached warehouse and parking lot cover 27,000 square feet, and another 58,000 square feet are used for products that can be stored on the ground.

In addition to livestock feed, agricultural chemicals and fertilizer, the store also sells vineyard supplies, seed for grains and cover crops, hardware, fencing materials, landscape chemicals and fertilizers, safety equipment, pet food, lawn and garden seeds and more. Grow West even has the distinction of being the only dealer of Dust-Off® dust suppressant in Mendocino County.

“One of the most valuable things we can do for our customers is to maintain inventory of the things they need,” added Gleaves.  “If they can’t find what they need here, they have to travel to the nearest major city, which is Santa Rosa an hour away. We strive to be a one-stop shop.”

Grow West invests in the Ukiah community in other ways, as well, such as supporting 4-H and FFA students by sponsoring awards, buying their livestock, and delivering hay and feed to them during the fair.

Gleaves says 2018 was an organizational year for the store as they got to know their customers, and in 2019, the store was already starting to show growth.  “I expect quite a bit of growth in the years to come as more people find out what we have to offer, and we add product lines to our already diverse and unique inventory.”

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