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Growing Together Fall 2019

2019 Internship Program

This year, Grow West® had eight summer interns from California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo, California State University, Chico and West Texas A&M University. This wonderful group of students started their internship with a welcome dinner on Friday, May 31st, where they got to know each other. The following day they had orientation at the Woodland Admin Office where they spent the day learning about our history, culture, and internship expectations.

Throughout the internship, the interns learned how to scout fields with Grow West’s talented PCA’s, logistics and operations for a well-rounded understanding of how all positions are interdependent. Human Resources had check-in emails with each of the interns to ensure that expectations were continually met, as well as what new learning had occurred.

As the summer ended, the interns had one last hurdle to face in their internship, a presentation. Each intern delivered a 10-15-minute presentation to Grow West’s Management team. The presentations were unique, well-delivered, and researched with a variety of topics including pressure bombs, determining crop water requirements, or Broomrape in tomatoes. With the formal internship ending, Human Resources took the interns on a location visit to Inland Terminal, Grow West’s Woodland Farm Supply and Wholesale facilities in Yuba City and Dixon. It was quite an eventful and memorable summer!

Grow West would like to thank all our summer interns for their hard work and wish them the best as they continue their educational careers.

For information on the 2020 Summer Internship Program at Grow West contact 


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