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Growing Together Winter 2020

Crop Protection Products Coming to California

Matt Ehlhardt, Grow West Director of Technical Services

To register a crop protection product in California takes time (generally two or more years after the EPA has granted a registration) and money (in addition to the fees for registration some-times extra costly research is required).  New products for our growers come at a very slow pace. Having said that, in the next one to two years we will be receiving several products that are going to help California growers in their efforts to control diseases, insects and weeds making their job easier and hopefully more profitable.

Below are some products we anticipate or have recently received approval for use in California. The resistance management group that the individual compounds have been assigned to has been added for each product. It is important to know these when planning a pest management program in order to mitigate the development of resistance to a mode of action. When a “U” is stated it indicates that the mode of action is unknown at this time.


Targeting a 2020 California Registration and Launch


Miravis Prime® – (FRAC G 7, 12) from Syngenta

Grapes for powdery mildew and bunch rot

Fruiting vegetables for powdery mildew and black mold

Cucurbits for powdery mildew, scab, and Septoria leaf spot

Orondis Ultra®– (G U15) from Syngenta

Cucurbits for downy mildew control

Gatten®– (U 8) from Nichino

Grapes, cucurbits, apples for powdery mildew control

Rhyme®– (G 3) from FMC

Grapes and tree nuts (2ee supplemental label) through a pressurized irrigation system for wood diseases


Insecticides, Nematicide

Nimitz®– (IRAC U) from ADAMA

Tree nuts and grapes for nematode control (already registered for use on tomatoes, melons, cucumbers)

Sequoia®– (G 4C) from Corteva

Tree nuts, stone fruits, cucurbits, fruiting vegetables, grapes for control of mealybugs, aphids, scales

Spear-Lep®– (G 32) from Vesteron

Tree fruits, nuts, vines, leafy and fruiting vegetables for control of many lepidoptera species



Life Line GT®– (Group 9, 10) from UPL (recently registered for use in California)

Tree fruit, nuts, and vine for broad-spectrum weed control (premix of glyphosate and glufosinate)

Loyant®– (G 4) from Corteva

Rice weed control (redstem, water plantain, smallflower umbrellaplant, bullrush, watergrass)


Targeting 2021 for California Registration


Cevya®– (FRAC G 3) from BASF

Grape for control of powdery mildew and Phomopsis

Tree nut for control of shot hole, leaf rust, and Alternaria



Solibro®– (G U) from Corteva

Grapes, tree nuts and stone fruit nematode control

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