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Growing Together Summer 2020

Weathering the Storm of 2020

Ernie Roncoroni, CEO of Grow West

So far 2020 has been a challenging year and one our descendants will reference for decades to come. The events thus far have and will continue to impact us both personally and professionally, as we navigate changes in how we work and interact with our friends, family, and communities. I know most of you are conditioned to deal with the challenges.  For many this preparedness comes from decades of managing constant change and frequent roadblocks. With weather, trade, economics, labor, regulations and many other factors impacting your organization and operations, there aren’t many problems you haven’t navigated through. What impresses me the most is the magnitude and frequency of challenges you have faced the past two growing seasons. Your resiliency to identify, manage, and find solutions to newly discovered problems and take on considerable risk in the face of uncertainty has allowed California agriculture to prosper thus far and will continue to carry it into the future.

Through it all, we are proud to be your partner! We are proud to offer you a wide portfolio of products and services to help support the production of your diverse crops. We take tremendous pride scouting your vineyards, orchards, and fields to ensure your crops reach their peak potential. As we all continue to weather the storm of 2020, we are committed to serving you with professional and personalized service. Regardless of the challenges that arise, the Grow West team will continue to adjust in order to be present and engaged on your operation. We will work to ensure your expectations and needs are met, and support your production technically, economically, and sustainably all while prioritizing the safety of employees across our industry. Although the beginning of the 2020 season has been a challenge, we are thankful to work with dedicated growers like you. The backbone of America is truly all of you, working sunup to sundown to feed this world regardless of the obstacles. I thank you for that dedication.

We look forward to doing our part and supporting your operation through these summer months so we can end a challenging year with strong and rewarding harvest!

Stay safe and be well!

Ernie Roncoroni

Mobile: 530-304-4657


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