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Growing Together Spring 2020

Continuing Our Commitment To You

Ernie Roncoroni, President & CEO

It shouldn’t take a pandemic to put things in perspective, but seeing the way everyone has put the greater good ahead of personal convenience is one of the silver linings in all of this. I am proud of how we have come together to navigate COVID-19. Our communities are banding together to social distance, stay at home when possible, and continue to do the work we can to move forward. Working through COVID-19 provides unique challenges, personally and professionally, but we are committed to taking one day at a time and doing the right things to move forward.

Throughout our organization’s history, like yours, we have made difficult decisions in tough situations with the best potential information available. From navigating changing markets to investing in new technology, we stay informed and follow our instincts to do what’s right for our customers and employees.  What may have worked yesterday may not work today, but our organization is committed to continuing to adapt and navigate this unprecedented time. It is the right and necessary thing to do to ensure your 2020 crop meets its maximum potential.

We are in this together. I want to keep communication lines open as we navigate the next coming months, so let us know what you need and how we can continue to serve you the best way possible. Things look very different than they did last year, and they may never look the same again. But above all else, we are committed to your success as our partner and our neighbor.

Stay safe and be well!

Ernie Roncoroni

Mobile: 530-304-4657


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