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Growing Together Summer 2019

Welcome to Growing Together

Ernie Roncoroni, President & CEO

At Grow West®, we couldn’t be more excited to share our story with you, our customers and industry partners. With the launch of our inaugural quarterly newsletter, Growing Together™, we invite you to expand your knowledge with us – through insight from our staff of experts, practical operational tips and fresh field learnings as we explore exceptional California operations. Learn more about the people behind Grow West and what we can offer your operation.

Perhaps some of you have heard our new name, Grow West, at a retail location picking up supplies, or meeting with your PCA to discuss spring planting. For others, this is our first introduction, though you’ll soon realize we are the same folks with whom you’re already doing business. So, allow me to tell you a little about us, Grow West.

We have deep roots in California agriculture, founded in 1954 as a single farm store location. Today we have 15 locations and 6 joint ventures touching California agriculture. Over the course of several decades and expansions, we have remained true to our original mission – exceptional customer service. We take California agriculture, and all those who earn their livelihood in this challenging and diverse climate, very seriously. As Grow West, we are still committed to supporting you and the community, through reinvestment in our facilities, employees, technology and infrastructure.

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