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Growing Together Summer 2019

Focus on Employee Safety During Hot Summer Months

Imelda Muzio, MVP Safety Professionals Manager/Ag Safety Educator

MVP Safety Professionals is a team of dedicated individuals with one common goal: to help agriculturalists keep their employees safe while meeting regulatory requirements.

With today’s ever-increasing regulations, growers need a resource they can depend on, from putting pen to paper to help develop written programs and company policies, to creating a system with reminders that ensure employee trainings stay current.

Having strong bi-lingual English/Spanish skills enables MVP instructors to provide effective training for agricultural workers. Holding certifications that require continuing education keeps trainers informed about the rules that can affect your operation, such as the provisions for heat illness prevention. Outdoor temperatures are on the rise and the challenges of keeping outdoor workers safe is very real.

Below is a check-list to help you and your employees prepare for work in high temperatures:

  1. Our Heat Illness Prevention written plan is current, including names and contact information for emergency personnel such as supervisors and managers.
  2. Our plan is available in a language that our employees can understand.
  3. We have the required postings displayed in a prominent location.
  4. Our supervisors have been trained on our plan and understand our provisions for water, shade and rest breaks. They have been trained to recognize the symptoms of heat illness and know how to provide help if needed.
  5. Our supervisors First Aid Certifications are current.
  6. Our employees have been trained on our plan and understand our provisions for water, shade and rest breaks. They have been trained on the risks of working in the heat and know how to protect themselves.
  7. We have made arrangements for our employees who work alone to be check on once an hour if they are working in temperatures above 95 degrees or
  8. We use a buddy system at all times so no employee works alone in temperatures above 95 degrees.
  9. Remember, both supervisory and non-supervisory training must be provided at least once annually, and in addition, Cal/OSHA states that training given close in time to the hot season is more effective than training given during colder seasons without follow-up refresher training. Employers must also ensure that their work procedures are consistent with the information provided in the training.

We know that you care about your employee’s wellbeing, and we are here to help. For more information about MVP Safety Professionals visit us at

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