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Growing Together Spring 2021

Spring Brings a Reminder of a New Year and New Opportunities

Ernie Roncoroni, President + CEO

With the early arrival of spring and the dryer than normal weather, our busy season and yours is already well underway.  For me, this spring feels like a “reset” to all that was last year. Confidence that our communities will begin to return to normal. That we again look forward to celebrating those special occasions with family and friends present, and not on FaceTime or Zoom. Spring brings a renewed hope for all of us. The team at Grow West looks forward to working together with you, side by side, safely and with a renewed appreciation for one another.

This year also brings new opportunities for Grow West to continue to evolve our business to best support you. Knowing the importance of water management and its key role in your businesses, we have invested in Water Labs in conjunction with business founder, owner and Grow West PCA Nathan Azevedo. Water Labs provides irrigation sensors, consulting and management recommendations for a variety of crops based on real-time data from fields and backed by university research. We understand that today, and in the future, water management is going to be an essential component to your success. We are eager to continue to build upon Water Labs’ innovative foundation, and you will be hearing more about this in future newsletters.

Like many of our supplier partners and customers across the Northern California agriculture industry, Grow West’s growth over the past five decades has been rooted in innovative ideas. Many of these ideas have been spawned by employees, customers and community business leaders. Our Engineering and Tech Service Division which you will read in this newsletter is a great example of this. We will remain dedicated to the long-term investment in our people and capabilities so we can continue to meet your growing needs.

On behalf of Grow West, I wish you many rewarding opportunities of your own this year. We appreciate being your trusted partner and wish you a successful 2021 growing season.


Ernie Roncoroni
President + CEO

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