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Growing Together Spring 2021

Local One-Stop Shop for Parts, Equipment and Clothing

Woodland Farm Supply holds a diverse set of inventory for both local growers and community members.

Since the 1960s Woodland Farm Supply has been a one-stop shop providing local growers and community members with high-quality equipment, tools and apparel to support their home, yard, and agriculture needs. Relocated seven years ago to 538 N East Street in Woodland, the location is open to the public and growers year-round. “We are a unique store to the area as we specialize in production equipment for orchards and vineyards and provide services specifically for local growers, but we also maintain inventory for the general public, ” shared Jose Elizondo, Manager of Woodland Farm Supply. Since the beginning, the store has aimed to provide the highest-quality brands and well-known product lines to ensure the best customer service for the community.

For local growers, Woodland Farm Supply has a long history of providing parts and unique services for a variety of agricultural operations including vineyards and orchards. Spray rigs, tanks, pumps, booms, plumbing for tractors, pruning equipment, rope and tape for vines and trees, as well as hoses, pipes, and camlocks are just a few of the products the location has to offer. For automotive needs, Woodland Farm Supply offers oils, lubricants, tools, replacement lights and batteries for all types of automotive rigs. In addition to equipment and parts inventory, this location provides safety equipment such as latex gloves, boot coverings, Tyvek® suits, protective eyewear, respirators and more.

For community members, homeowners and DIYers, the location offers a variety of clothing and outdoor gear with brands such as Yeti®, Carhartt®, Danner®, Ariat® as well as home and garden equipment including shovels, rakes, loppers, lawn mowers, air compressors, pressure washers and power tool lines. Whether customers need a new garden hose, are looking to upgrade their power tools, or searching for gifts for family and friends, Woodland Farm Supply is happy to help find products that fit their needs.

Jose Elizondo, Woodland Farm Supply Manger

When it comes to the Woodland community, the location and its employees have continued to give back and support in a variety of ways. “We are always looking for ways to support our local community. For example, we have a work boot program with the City of Woodland and the University of California Davis where we work with their employees t

o ensure they have proper and high-quality work boots,” said Elizondo. “In addition, we are highly supportive of the Woodland FFA and have helped them host events and sponsor raffle prizes year after year. We strongly believe that as a local farm supply store, it is our job to continue to invest in the community we live in.”

The Woodland Farm Supply store is open to the public and local growers year-round and can be found at 538 N East Street in Woodland. Store hours are Monday through Friday 7:00am to 5:00pm and Saturdays 7:00am to 12:00pm. Have questions about certain products and services? Contact store manager Jose Elizondo at 530.662.6400 or at

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