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Growing Together Summer 2021

Investment in Trucking Services Leads to Enhanced Safety, Reliability and Consistency

Our commitment to helping California growers be more efficient led to further development of our trucking services last year. We were able to expand our expertise in agriculture and industrial transportation to deliver dependable, high quality and consistent operations that support our customers’ business needs. This additional service can help you streamline your processes or provide additional hauling support in peak seasons.

Grow West® acquired assets from both Hammer Transport and Clark Trucking Services, Inc. to expand our fleet and our customer reach. As we fully unite these three trucking businesses under Grow West Trucking, we are poised for growth in both agriculture – especially fruit and rice – and industrial, and have a combined 60 years of experience and expertise in the products we haul. Our drivers are part of a talented, trusted team who are focused on safety, reliability and consistency.

With these recent acquisitions, we have also expanded our leadership team. John Hammer, founder of Hammer Transport, is now the business development manager for Grow West Trucking. Mark Kaye, former vice president and general manager at Clark Trucking Services, now serves as the office operations manager for Grow West Trucking.

“Grow West Trucking is unique in the transportation business because of our focus on efficiency and family,” Kaye says. “We have an effective process for receiving, dispatching and invoicing, which makes us a trusted partner for our customers. And we focus on our drivers’ well-being, including their safety and their ability to get home to their families. Even former customers of Clark notice the difference in Grow West Trucking’s approach.”

One such customer is Del Monte Foods, which is now one of our largest trucking customers.

“I’ve worked with many trucking companies, and Grow West Trucking is one of the best,” says Kyle Reynolds, Del Monte Foods Field Superintendent/Dispatch. “They are efficient and strategic with their dispatching, so trucks arrive when they say they will. They are always available and willing to accommodate our unique needs.”

Our internal efficiencies extend to communication with our customers, ensuring that expectations are always clear and transparency is always given. Our recent acquisitions have helped us grow, and we are using our expanded fleet and footprint to create more opportunities for season-long customer support. We know how difficult and demanding the harvest season can be, and we are here to help.

“Truckers can make or break you, and it’s good to have a partner in Grow West Trucking that we can consistently rely on,” says Reynolds. “They go above and beyond what many other companies will do, which never goes unnoticed.”

Looking for a trusted and reliable transportation partner or considering a job in trucking? Look no further than Grow West Trucking.

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