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Growing Rice is Complex. Grow West® makes it easier.

Grow West brings rice experience, infrastructure, and capability to best serve your needs.

In rice, there is no “one-size fits all” approach. Or at least there shouldn’t be. At Grow West, we customize every production plan to each field, each grower, every season. With our rice team of over 75 individuals, we have the expertise you are looking for. We take a fresh look at each field and make real time decisions based on what we see. Grow West is not driven by fads or short-term thinking. We have built our business just likes you have yours, with decades of hard work and investment.

Grow West Facts

  • Seasoned team of 25 rice PCAs
  • More than 50 rice-specific operation employees
  • Over 1,200 combined years of rice experience
  • Leading trucking and logistics portfolio
  • Customized tech trials to test products, pests, weeds, and varieties
  • 950,000+ gallons of liquid fertilizer storage
  • 500,000+ gallons of aqua storage
  • 6,000+ tons of dry fertilizer storage


PCA Team
Tech Service Trials


Fertilizer Manufacturing & Storage
Locations Across Sacramento Valley


Support Staff

PCA Team

Our team of PCAs are dedicated to being a true partner in your operation. Trust and agronomic expertise are the foundation of our partnership. We expect to earn it through time spent in your fields. With over 600+ years of cumulative experience on our team, Grow West is the clear choice when it comes to rice in Northern California.

Tech Service Trials

Our technical service team is dedicated to proactively addressing production challenges, performing new product trials and techniques to keep you ahead of the curve. With real-time trials based on what youare experiencing in your own fields, our technical team provides customized insights for the entire Grow West operation to learn and grow from ultimately resulting in a competitive advantage for you.


To better serve you, Grow West has invested for over six decades to expand our offerings in logistics across our entire business footprint. With increased capacity in trucking, product delivery and storage, our logistics team works hard to get product to you before you need it.

Fertilizer Manufacturing & Storage

Our infrastructure and capabilities in manufacturing, storing and transporting rice-specific fertilizer and crop protection products sets us apart from our competitors. We have invested in technology that enables fast, and reliable aqua production, storage and delivery. Having world-class capacity to manufacture, store and deliver gives you a major in-season advantage of quicker planting, less downtime, and more timely applications.

Locations Across Sacramento Valley

With five established retail locations in the heart of rice country, Grow West is set up to serve the entire Sacramento Valley rice production region. We are a team, communicating, collaborating, and sharing insights throughout the season. We learn and reach quickly to real time developments. Our larger footprint allows us to provide personalized local expertise and specialized service to you.

Support Staff

With over 50 employees supporting rice operations, Grow West has the resources and capabilities to help keep your tractors moving when it matters most. We believe in an empowered, practical working environment, an all hands-on deck approach, when it comes to your setup and support. When working with Grow West, you receive more than just a knowledgeable PCA. You receive a team that runs twenty-four hours, seven days a week to back you up when you need it most.

Added-Value Services

We also offer a diverse portfolio of supporting services to help you with every aspect of your business. These services include, but are not limited to, labor safety and compliance training, financing, surfactant and micronutrient manufacturing, wholesale manufacturing, soil blending, organic products, and buying partnerships to maximize our purchasing capabilities.

Call your local territory manager to talk about the future of your rice program

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Butte, Placer, Sacramento, Sutter, & Yuba

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