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Gazing Into Infinity Mural

In 2012 Grow West invested in a 60,000-ton state of the art liquid and dry fertilizer storage and distribution facility in Woodland, California. After the completion of the dry fertilizer building, we commissioned Colleen Gnos to create the iconic 46’ x 32’ “Gazing Into Infinity” mural at its highest point stands 65 feet above the ground. The stunning work of art depicts a farmer looking at the sunrise, which pays homage to her family’s agricultural roots in Dixon, California.

“My paintings tend to be narrative, especially my murals. ‘Gazing Into Infinity’ shows the story of a hardworking man connected to his farm. That industrious lifestyle reflects families who live and farm in Woodland, Dixon, and other California regions, working their own land. I grew up as a farmer’s daughter and worked alongside my Dad in the summer months. When he picked up a handful of soil and smelled it, I didn’t know then what he was doing. Over time I realized that only a farmer would know this bond with the land. Farmers are so in tune with the earth. Returning to enhance this giant project has been a special homecoming. This mural, this community is a continuous celebration of my upbringing.”

With seven years of harsh weather conditions taking a toll on the painted surfaces, Gnos has returned to restore and enhance the current colors. Along with restoring Gnos added a 7’ Italian honeybee on the mural’s right edge to pay homage to the importance bees play in agriculture.

Gnos shared, “It’s so refreshing to work with a company that wants public art to reflect their community. Inland Terminal was wise to plan a maintenance budget to protect and conserve their investment. Since I started my painting updates, it’s been gratifying to hear workers’ comments, to get drivers’ reactions, and to see social media comments. When I originally did the mural in 2012, I wanted to recreate memories of accompanying my father to Dixon’s fields at sunrise. To pay respect to local farmers like my brother, and to capture the area’s natural beauty. Even more so today, I feel like this 65-foot tall artwork represents the past, present & future of this agricultural community and Grow West’s mission.

If you are ever in the Woodland, California area drive by the Inland Terminal building on 1002 N. East Street, Woodland, CA 95776 to check it out!


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