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Helping Salmon in the Sacramento Valley

California Agriculture is a top priority at Grow West®, and we are proud to announce that we are a contributing sponsor of the “Helping Salmon in the Sacramento Valley” led by California Rice. Having identified a need to support the struggling salmon populations, California Rice spearheaded a group of scientists and rice growers to create a collaborative habitat for both rice farming and salmon.

This project, funded by contributing sponsors including Grow West, has the goal of refining previous trials while inserting micro transmitters into 900 young Chinook salmon to track their journey from the Sacramento Valley all the way
to the Pacific Ocean. These tracking devices will help determine the survivability of young salmon grown on highly productive winter-flooded rice fields by measuring the percentage of the fish that successfully migrate out to the ocean.

“We are pleased to have Grow West as a sponsor for this exciting project to better understand how California rice fields can become a meaningful part of the recovery of salmon populations in the Sacramento Valley.”  – Paul Butner, California Rice

We appreciate the opportunity to support local environmental initiatives and will continue to support and invest in our local communities and California agriculture as a whole. To learn more about this project visit here.

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