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Grow West Promotes Almond Brown Ale Beer

Each year, the Almond Board of California (ABC) has an Almond Leadership Program that allows community leaders to better themselves and their community through personal development and growth events while working on projects that promote the almond industry. This year, Lucas Schmidt of Grow West was selected to participate in the Almond Leadership Program.

As part of the program, each participant in the Almond Leadership Program is required to select a special project to work on and learn about throughout the year and then at the conclusion of the program participants will present the findings of their project to their cohorts and ABC Board of Directors. Lucas Schmidt and classmate, Dominique Camou of Famoso Nut Company, chose to team up for their special project and take a dive into making beer out of almonds.

Starting with a batch of almonds from Famoso Nut Company, Schmidt and Camou teamed up with local Central Valley brewery, Temblor Brewing Company, and started their journey experimenting with different varieties to perfect the almond beer taste. From a small trial tasting with other program classmates, they finally selected the Fritz variety of almonds as their almond of choice. Once finalized and perfected Schmidt and Camou along with the following organizations, Almond Leadership Program, Grow West, Famoso Nut Company, and Temblor Brewing Company held a tasting night called “On the Fritz” for industry and community members to join in the tasting of the new created Almond Brown Ale Beer. Thanks to the tremendous support from industry and community members, the event was very successful, and all proceeds went to benefit the California FFA Foundation to provide scholarships for graduating FFA students planning to purse a degree in agriculture.

Thank you, Lucas, for participating in the Almond Leadership Program and representing Grow West so well.

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